LaPlace 5-year-old accidentally shoots herself, dies

A 5-year-old LaPlace girl died Saturday (May 21) after she accidentally shot herself while playing with a handgun, the St. John the Baptist Sheriff’s Office said. Haley Moore was shot in the chest at the home of her father, Eric Moore, on Country Club Drive and brought to a local hospital where she died.


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    Tein näitä tänään ja ne onnistuivat! Nyt ne odottavat vieraita tulevaksi minun 30-vuotis juhliin. Jos ehdit vastaamaan, niin mitenkähän nämä kannattaisi säilöä huomiseen? Kiitos hyvästä reseptistä.-Emilia

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    I know I’m supposed to laugh at this… but really… it’s kind of cool, U.M.!Anyway, any drink with seeds in it = a guaranteed laughs as I’ll manage to convince myself I’m choking and dance around / flap my arms wildly (even if the seeds are pretty much microscopic).

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