Georgia police investigate accidental shooting involving boys, 12 and 11

The victim and an 11-year-old child were playing with a gun when it went off, said spokeswoman Sgt. Ashanti Marbury, who confirmed that the younger child fired the shot. The incident happened on Fitzgerald Road about 4 p.m.


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    This is only a shock to those who dont understand demographics and the British drinking habits ……..Basically the pommy baby boomers are ageing and they are going the way of George Best a famous footballer who drank himself to death.This story was foretold at least a decade ago and the role of alcohol is being underplayed ……The british health system is being overwhelmed by old sots ………Same with New Zealand but our young also suffer a lot of alcohol related deaths and injury with its corresponding huge drain on hospital resources.

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    I’ve been reading some of the knock down drag outs that Chuckles and NoFear had on the Insider- not just with each other- wiith everybody and anybody.Don’t get me wrong, I’m diggin’ it- and I wasn’t even involved. I mean, these dudes would have slugged it out with Mother Teresa if she called for world peace. On that note: let’s rock ‘n roll…

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