81-year-old fatally shoots home invasion suspect, says gun had never been used in 30 years

UNIONTOWN, Pa. – A home invasion suspect was fatally shot early Friday morning in Uniontown when the 81-year-old homeowner pulled out a gun, according to investigators.

Police said 46-year-old Franklin Schrout, of Smithfield, rode a bike to the house with tools to break in, then ransacked the home and assaulted the 81-year-old man.


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    I like your style and sense of adventure in the area of real world learning for your kids and yourself. Learning should be exciting and personal. Not one size fits all within four walls that seems like prison. Boldly go forth where no wo(man) has gone before and blaze your trail. I will be interested to watch from afar…Down Under in Australia. And will surely learn something myself. All the best for you and your family.

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    Næ, jeg belønner dig nÃ¥r du er en kælling. Det er det jeg tænder pÃ¥! ;)But that's true! Men hun var den største tÃ¥be, og derfor nok ogsÃ¥ den sjoveste at B. skrev om 🙁

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